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T-130K / T-230K Series

 Overview of T series:

T-130K T-230K
                 T-130K                T-230K

1. Securely seal thick gusset bags for coffee etc.

  • Gusset bags, used mainly for loose-leaf tea and coffee bean bags, consist of evaporated aluminum film and are thick, especially with four sheets overlapping in the back. Clamping the bag requires powerful pressure and heat capable of melting the bag, which ordinary sealers cannot produce.
  • T-130K and T-230K are configured to heat the bag not only from the bottom but also from the top (double-side heating method), as well as to apply enhanced, powerful sealing pressure. The  T sealer are capable of sealing coffee/ tea bags and other bags with a totalfilm thickness of up to 0.5mm.

2. Equipped with the braided heating element

 T-130K and T-230K use highly flexible, braided heating elements that absorb significant unevenness to seal thick film and laminated bags, as well as thick gusset bags. Braided heating elements are made of braided, thin nickel-chrome wires, characterized by their high flexibility.


Main Features:

  • Applications and Features: Tabletop, hand-operated
  • Operating method: Hand-operated
  • Packaging type: Seal only
  • Daily use frequency as model selection guideline: Up to 1,000 bags, hand-operated
  • Bag size (max): Up to 120mm for T-130K and 220mm for T-230K


Model Power Sealing width Dimension Weight
T-130K 1200W 10x120mm 230x340x250mm 6.7Kg
T-230K 1300W 10x220mm 320x360x250mm 9.7Kg