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P/PC-200, P/PC-300 Series

Overview of P series:

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                   P-200                   PC-300


  • Compact and very mobile, P series is ideal for individual packaging at stores, and for small packaging of parts and food materials.
  • Simple operation: Use the heating-time adjuster knob facing you to set the appropriate heating time for the bag. Lower the clamping lever using one hand. The heating light will turn on. Sealing is completed when you hear a brief beeping sound.
  • Good for a variety of packaging materials: This is a single heater sealer capable of sealing materials up to 0.2mm thick (total thickness of overlapping sheets).
  • Easy maintenance: The heating element and other relatively frequently replaced parts are easily replaced by removing the Teflon-sheet holder. Simply remove the Teflon-sheet holder using a flat-head screwdriver.
  • Good for 2mm seals and fusion-cut seals: The sealer comes equipped with a 2mm heating element when it is shipped from the factory. The 2mm heating element may be replaced with a fusion-cut heating element as needed to create fusion-cut seals. For details on how to replace the heating elements, please refer to the Instruction Manual.
  • A fusion-cut seal is created by using a piano-wire-like heating element to melt and cut the film. Although the films are slightly fused together, there is hardly any strength in the sealing.

Main Features:

  • Applications and Features: Tabletop, hand-operated
  • Also called: Poly sealer®
  • Operating method: Hand-operated
  • Packaging type: Seal only
  • Daily use frequency as model selection guideline: Up to 1,000 bags, hand-operated
  • Bag size (max): Up to 200mm for P(C)-200 and 300mm for P(C)-300
  • Compatible packaging materials (total thickness of two or more sheets):
    * PE>0.2mm, PP>0.2mm, NY>0.1mm, PVA>0.1mm, other laminated materials>0.1mm


Model Power Sealing width Dimension Weight
P-200 250W 2x200mm 72x310x160mm 2.2Kg
PC-200 250W 2x200mm 72x310x160mm 2.2Kg
P-300 380W 2x300mm 82x428x200mm 4Kg
PC-300 380W 2x300mm 82x428x200mm 4Kg


Manual for sealer P/PC-200
Manual for sealer P/PC-300