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FS-215 / FS-315 Series

 Overview of FS series:

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                 FS-215                FS-315


  • The small but powerful tabletop FS-315 sealer is designed for general packaging and has been used for industry-wide all-purpose applications, sealing items from food products to sensitive electronic components. With ergonomic table-activated platen, you can hold the bag securely with both hands as the bag is being sealed. The compact body takes up minimal space and is very mobile.
  • Electronic timer allows the operator to adjust various dwell times in order to match film material type and thickness, providing optimum seal-to-seal performance on a wide range of commercially available films. With a micro-switch position sensor, there is no risk of possible finger pinch or burn during the sealing process in a high-speed production.
  • It is easy to use, durable, dependable and safe! Simply apply light pressure to the table with your hands as you hold the bag. This is all you need to do to get a powerful sealing pressure that ensures secure sealing.
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Main Features:

  • Applications and Features: Tabletop, hand-operated
  • Also called: Shop Sealers®
  • Operating method: Hand-operated
  • Packaging type: Seal only
  • Daily use frequency as model selection guideline: Up to 1,000 bags, hand-operated
  • Bag size (max): Up to 200mm for FS-215 and 300mm for FS-315
  • Compatible packaging materials (total thickness of two or more sheets)

* PE>0.2mm, PP>0.2mm, NY>0.1mm, PVA>0.1mm


Model Power Sealing width Dimension Weight
FS-215 400W 5x200mm 286x376x198mm 5.2Kg
FS-315 500W 5x300mm 363x376x198mm 5.8Kg


Manual for sealer FS