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FA Series

Overview of sealer model FA series:                    

fa-300-web fa-450-web
                FA-300              FA-450
  • The FA series utilizes a high pressure solenoid and microcomputer operated controller to seal almost any bag easily and securely. FA series is an excellent sealer for the semi-automatic packaging of thermal form flexible films. The sealer is also light, compact, easy to carry and can even be placed on a small table.
  • It is very simple to use, and no speciall skills are required to make a beautiful and strong seal. Use the touch panel on the control unit to set conditions such as the heating temperature. To set the settings, use the Mode Switch. After setting the appropriate sealing condition for the packaging material, select either automatic continuous operation or manual air-pedal operation.
  • The sealing pressure can be easily adjusted according to pouch thickness and material. Adjust the pressure by turning the pressure-adjusting nut located at the center of upper seal jaw (pressure lever)
                      fa prssr-adjstww-eg


  • FA series is good for seal lengths of 200mm, 300mm, 400mm and 600mm/. In addition to a single heater type capable of sealing materials up to 0.3 thick, there is a double heater type capable of sealing thick or laminated bags up to 0.4mm thick in total thickness of overlapping sheets.The double heater type is good also for gusset pouches.
  • The FA-200 and FA-300 series of sealers are shipped together with the air pedal set under the table-switch plate. For FA-450 and FA-600, the air pedal is separated outside and pressure table is sold optionally


Main Features:
  • Applications and Features: easy-to-carry impulse semi-auto sealer 
  • Operating method: semi-auto sealer
  • Packaging type: Seal only
  • Daily use frequency as model selection guideline: Up to 3,000 bags
  • Bag size (max): Up to 200mm, 300mm, 450mm, 600mm
  • Compatible packaging materials (total thickness of two or more sheets)
        * Single-side heating: PE>0.4mm, PP>0.3mm, NY>0.3mm, PVA>0.3, and other >0.4mm
        * Double-side heating: PE>0.6mm, PP>0.4mm, NY>0.4mm, PVA>0.4, and other >0.5mm


1. Table: We offer various tablesa as option based on your environment and model. While we do provide the best tble for general expected settings for each model, optional table are available in cases the standard item does not match your needs.

a. Standard table: made of Inox, fix to sealer frame (together sold with FA-200 & FA-300), for FA-450 and FA-600 it is sold as optional part

b. Special table:
he special table can be mounted to FA stand, support the weight of bag, the height can be adjusted within the range of the support pipe. For FA-450 and FA-600, the FA stand is required when equipping the special table (special table is sold together with FA stand)



2. FA Stand: The FA stand comes in very handy when there is no appropriate place on the counter or table to place the sealer, or when you need to use a Special Table. All sealers in the FA series can be mounted on the FA Stand 

Model Power Sealing width Dimension Weight
FA-200 1150W 10x200mm 260x580x360mm 16Kg
FA-300 1700W 10x300mm 360x580x360mm 16.5Kg
FA-450 2300W 10x450mm 520x380x370mm 16Kg
FA-600 2800W 10x600mm 680x380x370mm 23.5Kg


Manual for sealer FA series